You can have my cupholder when you pry it out of my…

Someone on NAM today posted that MINIs have crappy cupholders because they’re built to drive on the Autobahn, where rational drivers would never even consider eating/drinking while driving.

Another person posted that “real” driving enthusiasts would NEVER EVEN CONSIDER eating or drinking in their car and – I’m so impressed – THEY never have and never will.

I drive on the autobahn precisely – zero.

And when I’m driving “enthusiastically” I absolutely use both hands.

But when I’m forced by the US speed nannies to drive 70ish on a road that in Europe would have no speed limit, I think that – and 30 years of driving experience – leaves me enough margin of error to sip my Triple Venti Sugar Free Mocha Breve’ occasionally – or even eat a breakfast burrito.

I have two MiniFini cupholders and love’m.

They actually get more use HAULING gigantic iced tea cups from my drive-thru du jour back to my office when I typically eat at my desk…

But frequent multi-hundred-mile business drives, two jobs, and a family sometimes force me to find ways to use my time most efficiently. And – gasp – I’ve found that I can drive and eat at the same time… hasn’t caused an accident in 30 years…

Oh yeah – having an AUTOMAGIC TRANSMISSION helps too.

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  1. Sorry dude, just recently found your blog. In response to this I just have to say that, I lived in Germany for 11 years, the last 5 of which my daily commute was 120+ to work and back. I took (and drank) a cup of coffee in a travel mug EVERY day and never had a problem. The only issue I have with the MINI cup holders is that they’re a bit too large for your average tumbler.

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