What have I done?

Geesh. I remember SO well telling my Motoring Advisor, “I’m just going to drive it stock for a while. Then I might do a few little things. But I’m really happy with it stock.”

What an idiot. I’m outta control.

Just ordered the M7 Under Strut System today because, well, like, it’s a MUST if you have the cabrio… I mean, I really need it to get the kind of stiffness and handling that I paid for…Oh yeah, and I also ordered an H-sport 19mm swaybar because, well, when I go to the Dragon I really need the car to “steer from the middle” whatever the hell that means. Gawd.

But the good news is that this will shorten my “must have” list to a pulley, one-ball mod, MTH tune and catch-can. All of which I plan to have before MOTD.

Until I think of something else I need.

Dumbass. Should have bought another Accord.

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