The Hauler

Made a run to Harbor Freight, and, as always, came home with a carload of Chinese Goodness.

After a couple of hours of assembly, the track trailer is taking shape.
Click the image to open in full size.

Will try to finish it this weekend, with wheel mounts and toolbox. And wiring that works (need to add hardwired grounds).

Coming together… I found a 37″ long diamond plate truck box at Tractor Supply that is PERFECT for this application, fits tightly between the side rails. Like it was made for this. Nice secure dry lockable storage.

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The open rear works perfectly as a wheel carrier for 4 wheels. Just need to strap them down and run a cable lock through for minimal security.

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You need some sticky tires for the trailer otherwise it will be all over the place in the corners.

Seriously… my buddies and I were just discussing how fast this thing could go in the twisties… because the route we did on the way to MOTD this year was as serious as anything we did after we got to MOTD (we did six classic NC destination roads in ONE DAY.. HARD).

Discussing putting classic Mini wheels and sticky tires on it, bending the axle to get some camber… we’ve gone full retard.

Got it sticker bombed for an extra 50 hp. Bolted the box down and loaded it up. Test drove it around the neighborhood looking like full retard. Backed it into the driveway to prove I could.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Will have my new wheels back, with tires mounted, tomorrow. Can test fit on the car, then load up the trailer and test drive some more. Illegally, of course, until I receive the title paperwork from Harbor Freight.

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