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Best I can tell, the only things that aren’t working properly at the moment are the PDC (park distance control) and cruise control.

PDC is enabled in the BC1, but may need to be turned on somewhere else. On the first gen Minis, you can’t add options with NCS Expert using VO codes, you have to encode options into a ZCS string that’s stored in the EWS and BC1 (I think). For example, to add Xenons to a car that doesn’t have them. When you reset the modules to defaults with “process car”, NCS Expert reads the option string, uses the datan files to figure out what options to set how on which modules, and makes everything “just so”. You can usually bypass this by setting the options manually on each module, if you know what to set and how. Short version, it’s harder to code in new options on the first gen Mini than with newer cars. I’m still figuring out how to do this. I found a program that will generate the ZCS string for you, but I’m not brave / needy enough to mess with it right now. Maybe after MOTD.

On a manual transmission Mini, cruise control is dependent on the clutch pedal sensor. This sensor actually does two things: it tells the EWS that the clutch is “in” for starting, and it tells the ECU that the clutch is “out” for cruise control. With the automatic transmission body harness, none of the wiring is in place for this. There is a different pin on the EWS that gets a signal from the auto transmission position switch on automatic cars. I really have no idea why the EWS isn’t balking now with no clutch position sensor signal… but I’m not complaining.

I know how to make cruise work: either jump in a low-resistance (approx 11 ohm) resistor between pin four of the body harness connector to the ECU, and ground (which would make the clutch appear to be “out” all the time); or wire in the clutch sensor correctly. I have enough details from the schematics in the Bentley manual to accomplish this, if I choose to. Biggest issue I’m having right now is figuring out how to add a pin to an empty slot in the ECU connector. If anyone has done this, I’m all ears.

<note: I played around with this and never got cruise to work on the automatic body harness>

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