Seriously Strokin’

Day one review:

Drove about 80 break-in miles today. In my world, “break-in miles” do NOT equal “easy miles”. I drive it like I stole it…. I just keep it below 6000 RPM as much as possible.

This motor has so much torque, you can have PLENTY of fun below 6000 RPM. It pulls hard from 3000 RPM to (I assume) redline. Which, after break in and tuning, will be north of 8000 RPM!!!

The biggest revelation for me today was how much air this motor can breathe, and the impact that has on supercharger boost pressure and Intake Air Temperature (IAT).

On my old motor, all else being equal (flapless JCW intake/AMSoil filter, same supercharger, 17% pulley, ported intake manifold, street header, Milltek exhaust) peak boost was over 16 psi. This thing flows so much air, peak boost is about 12psi. OMG YOU LOST BOOST!!!! you might be thinking. Well, sortof. But the supercharger is moving the same amount of air at a given RPM. Actually, it’s probably moving more, because it’s meeting less resistance (pressure). It’s just that the Lawd Jeezus head, high-lift Dominator cam and 1.8l motor can consume it so much more efficiently. The motor still feels torquey when under boost. It just doesn’t require as much pressure to do it.

What’s the effect? The biggest is IAT. Today it was 100F here when I was breaking in the motor. I was doing wide open throttle (WOT) pulls from about 2500-5500, over and over again. I don’t have my new meth system setup yet, so I’m running with no meth. On my old motor, repeated WOT pulls like this on a hot day, with no meth, would have spiked IATs near 200F, even with the GP intercooler. Today? 120-130F. Incredible. That directly translates into increased air density and more power. AND less wear and tear on the supercharger and motor.

And the motor is silky smooth, and doesn’t even feel like it’s working hard at WOT. It REALLY WANTS more air. When the TVS, Vipec and long tube header are on… it will be insane. Because it’s fast with 12psi. When it has 22psi? OMG.

More thoughts in my video review below, including TORQUE!!! and SOUNDS!!!

Update: Jan reminded me… 27mm exhaust valves lol

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