OK, now here’s some freaky *****…

Last summer, I started “the Transmogrification of Blimey”. At the time, I said that my vision was to build a “GP Roadster”… something like a cross between a first gen cabrio, and a 2006 JCW GP. Then, after the first track day in my mostly complete “GP Roadster”, my automatic transmission dies. After 7 months of fighting with it, I decide last Sunday to convert to manual. I need a donor car. I figure out how to search auctions and come across what is one of probably only a couple of GPs to be salvage auctioned this year… and it’s up for sale in three days. I get a wild hair and decide I must win this car, no matter what. I could use it to really convert my car into a GP, I think. I pay a ton to get the car. I win it on Wednesday. It will be here tomorrow.

Earlier this week, after joking about it with my buddies, I registered the domain “GPRoadster.com” and directed it to the BlimeyCabrio.com blog. I haven’t updated that blog since 2009, but figured I’d start updating it with my new project. The last entry? When I installed GP rear trim on Blimey, in 2009.

Tonight, I decide to try to figure out which GP it is. You can’t see the roof numbers in any of the photos I have. Coincidentally, the car was in Cleveland, where my Burning River buddies are. And they happen to know the former owner (who only had the car for three months). They put him in touch with me. I trade messages with him, get the GP# (GP0769) and also the contact info for the original owner.

I call the original owner, who purchased the car new and owned it for 8 years. After 10 minutes on the phone, we realize something…

About 4 years ago, I purchased a used OEM JCW exhaust on the marketplace here, and put it on Blimey. Blimey ran this exhaust for 3 years. Just took it off after MOTD last year when the mufflers finally failed, and put on the Miltek, as one of the first steps in the GP Roadster project.

The guy I was talking to on the phone? He’s the same guy who sold me the exhaust, 4 years ago.

That’s correct. You read that right. I ran the OEM exhaust off THIS SAME MINI GP for three years. Until I began the “GP Roadster” project, and took it off for a better exhaust. And now I’m going to use the rest of THAT SAME GP to complete the GP Roadster conversion of my cabrio.

Oh yeah, and this. GP Steve had this GP posted for sale on MA back in October. In the sale thread, Chuck posted this:

Originally Posted by Crashton View Post
I’d love it if the top went down. Who will loan me a sawzall?

Fate. Saint John Cooper is steering this cosmic MINI from wherever he is.

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