Ode to the o-ring

I’ve never seen a simpler thing
Than the little MINI oil filter o-ring.
It’s nice and small and rubber and black,
Doing it’s job, filling a crack..

Time to change my oil, same as before,
Didn’t seem like much of a chore.
New oil and a filter, actually kinda fun,
Only half an hour and I was done.

Tools put away and trash in the bin,
I opened up the door and climbed right in.
Buckled up and turned the key,
Oh, that engine sounds sweet to me.

I record the miles and the work done then,
I pulled out my journal and my trusty pen.
I sat there, idling, and filled out my book,
No reason to give things a second look.

As the engine turned, I was quite unaware
That my wonderful O-ring had developed a tear.
And as a result of my tiny mistake,
My new batch of Castrol was becoming a lake.

Done with my logbook, I put it in gear,
Time for me and Blimey to get outta here,
You’re chuckling by now, but this is no joke,

The stream of new Castrol had found the exhaust,
And finally there was a sign that oil was being lost,
Smoke poured from the bonnet, a huge cloud of white,
and in through the vents, OH MY what a fright!

I pulled to the curb and switched off the key,
No idea what was happening to Blimey and me.
But I hop out of the car and into the rain
And see a sign that this is gonna be a pain.





Pulled off the filter and saw the big tear,
No idea how that thing got there.
Put a new ring on and 3 more quarts
No worse for the wear, except for my shorts.

Two thousand miles later, everything seems OK,
But I’ll always have a memory of the oil change day.
Oil changes are easy, just one little hitch,
When you change your filter o-ring, don’t tear that little b!t@h!


  1. and I thought you said you once owned a TR7? I had this same experience with my 77 TR7 back in 1981.

    I guess the canister oil filter is just a reminder that it is a British car.


  2. D- yeah, the TR7 was a fine piece of British Engineering… 🙂

    That’s what I get for putting a Lucas sticker and British Leyland badge on my MINI… heh heh…

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