MTH Tune Rocks

Got my MTH Tuner file loaded yesterday at Grassroots Garage. WOW.

I’m glad I drove the car for a month with the pulley but without the MTH so I’d appreciate it. After the pulley install, I definitely had a lot more power than before- but the car felt IN NO WAY “refined” – just like a bunch of raw horses/torque had been “bolted on” and was at my disposal – but definitely didn’t have a smooth feeling like the whole car was engineered and tuned as a unit. The MTH tune makes the car feel like A CAR if that makes any sense – not like a bunch of performance parts bolted together. It may have a bit more power and torque at points in the curve than before, but the BEST result is that the delivery of power feels TOTALLY smooth as you rev through the gears. Like you’re driving a really nice, uh, BMW or something…

Still has wonderful intake howl/whine, exhaust thoatiness and burble, all the good stuff. Just wonderfully smooth on top of all that… Really is like a different car yet again. Three mods really gave me that “different car” feel (each in different ways): The USS, the pulley, and the MTH tune.

I’m a happy camper.

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