M7 Under Strut System (USS)

Installed my M7 Under Strut System tonight in my garage on jack stands. About an hour start to finish.

This thing truly is incredible. I have a stock S sport suspension – no other suspension mods. I took the car out to my closest nasty off camber rough pavement S curve. And it was like I was ON RAILS compared to before. Now I really understand what the whole “go kart” handling thing is all about – I was blown away. You can feel the suspension doing what it’s supposed to, instead of fighting off the gyrations of the chassis. The car stays flatter through the curves, rotates around the turn much better, and doesn’t “skitter” across the rough pavement – like a different (and MUCH BETTER) car. I’m blown away.

I was highly skeptical. How can 10 lbs of aluminum make the kind of difference everyone has described (even if it does cost $350)???

Well, I’m here to tell you, IT DOES. WOW.

There is a comprehensive thread on this on NAM.

Looks like this (except mine is black anodized) – the three silver pieces you see in the photo – each is heavy duty machined aluminum. Uses some massive SS bolts.


“What about ground clearance?” you might ask, if you’ve had too much bier and strudel.
The rear two pieces don’t seem to be any lower than the side skirts – if they are, it’s a tiny bit. Possibly these might drag, but probably better that than what would have drug otherwise…

The front brace is interesting. Depends on what clearance ends up being critical. The “angle iron” looking stock piece under the engine sticks down significantly more than the USS – so if we’re talking “possum clearance” – the USS doesn’t reduce this at all – there’s still a lower stock piece that will clip the possum.

The rear section of the front brace DOES get about 1/2″ lower than the jack blocks just behind the front wheels. So I think it’s conceivable that a really nasty speed bump (not a “hump”) MIGHT scrape this… and if you’re into jumping curbs in your MINI, you will most definitely scrape this unless you go fast enough to catch air…


  1. Holy crap! That’s in your garage? I’ve got freebie jack stands from Camel or Marlboro or something, and you’ve got a freakin’ full lift?

    Wow, do I feel inadequate…..

  2. Stock photo – I did mine on jack stands. If I had a lift – Ohhhhhhh….. the trouble that would be….

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