Has Al Gore banned Halon yet?

After seeing how HOT MINI’s get… at least compared to, say, Hondas… I’ve gotten a bit paranoid about spontaneous Blimey combustion. So I broke down and bought a 2.5 pound Safecraft Halon extinguisher. Then after experimenting for a while and determining that there just plain isn’t a good place in the cockpit to put this thing otherwise, I broke down and ordered the Brey-Krause seat mount to put it on the front of the passenger seat. And because the standard wire-and-strap mount for the thing just seems flimsy, I ordered the Safecraft billet mount. I’m still waiting on the billet mount, but here it is on the standard mount…

Brey-Krause mount and Safecraft Halon extinguisher

While it looks like it might be in the way for the passenger, it really isn’t – it’s well behind where your feet typically go when riding or entering/exiting – and it still allows unobstructed access to the seat adjustments. It slides fore-aft with the seat. Very solid and very cool.

Why not just a plain old cheap red fire extinguisher in the boot?

1) “Plain old” fire extinguishers contain corrosive chemicals that can ruin the parts of your car that aren’t damaged by the fire…

2) I want it QUICKLY accessible in case I need it (and I hope I NEVER do).

3) Would make a pretty good glass breaker or weapon in a pinch…


Oh yeah, and I know that production of new Halon 1211 has been banned since 1994 as an ozone-depleting substance. But you can still buy “reclaimed” halon… kinda like “carbon credits” – you can have all the halon you want, as long as you don’t manufacture any more of it from scratch… actually, that’s a lot better than carbon credits, which don’t really do anything except redistribute wealth.

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