Groovy Gauge Lenses

Richard Woo (rkw on NAM) turned me onto a GREAT mod for improving the readability of your gauges. This is particularly valuable in the cabrio (where, with top down, there can be TONS of glare / reflections off the gauges) and is even MORE valuable if you’re using dark aftermarket gauge faces, which are harder to see when the reflections are outta control…

Richard had been on a quest to kill the reflections, and had looked at various matte coatings, etc. to do this. He eventually found a material called Optium. This is a VERY high-end acrylic used for art framing – it has an unbelievably good UV blocking anti-reflective coating on both sides – when you hold a clear, clean piece of this stuff up and look through it, it’s like looking through AIR – REALLY… it’s THAT optically clear – you don’t see yourself in it. It’s like MAGIC.

Only one small downside of this material – retail cost is about $100 per SQUARE FOOT. Richard was able to find a remnant at a frame shop, and they sold it to him at a much more reasonable price. He cut himself a pair of gauge lenses and WOW – a huge difference. He had enough left to make me a pair (alas, he’s out now). Makes the whole gauge look more “high end” – you really see how “cheap” looking the stock “domes” are when you look at them side-by-side. The Optium is just a flat piece the right diameter to replace the stock dome – the 3mm Optium is just the right thickness that the black gauge ring and the bezel hold it in place. Photos don’t really do it justice – so I’m not going to post any. But if you see me at a meet, come look at them!

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