So, people are going to ask, what makes this thing a GP?

Well, it’s clearly not a stock GP. And it doesn’t have all the factory GP stuff (e.g. suspension).
But, neither do a lot of actual GPs anymore. Many have modified suspensions, coilovers, aftermarket cams, exhaust, headers, heads…

I’m not claiming it has a GP body VIN. Though I could remedy that by cutting and swapping a couple of strut towers…

When you plug it up to diagnostics, it looks like a GP…

But here’s all the stuff that’s currently on Locutus, that was originally on GP0769:

  • transmission, clutch lines, pedal assembly, shifter
  • ECU, EWS, gauges/KMB, ignition cylinder, keys
  • intercooler
  • brake master cylinder/reservoir
  • dash trim
  • Doors, mirrors, handles, windows, interior panels
  • A-panels
  • Cowl
  • Side skirts
  • front wheel well liners
  • engine and transmission hard mounts
  • various vacuum lines, brackets and hardware
  • radiator hoses
  • oil cooler hoses and lines
  • oil filter housing / engine oil cooler
  • air intake hose
  • silver console trim rings
  • Carpet
  • Handbrake console mounting bracket
  • rear JCW badge
  • Side scuttles
  • boot handle
  • Right tail light
  • Driver airbag

And, later this year, I’ll add:

  • trailing arms
  • front bumper grille / trim
  • wheels
  • dash cover

And I’ll add GP replacement parts:

  • front bumper cover
  • rear bumper inserts
  • GP badge and decals
  • GP slatted grille

(The car already had GP rear black bumper trim.)

And, eventually, I plan to have the original GP engine and head built by RMW into something special. Until then, they’re sitting in my shop.

Plus I have a ton of spares from the GP that may eventually end up on the car, as needed, including:

  • power steering
  • AC compressor
  • supercharger
  • steering column with all switches and stalks
  • throttle body
  • throttle pedal
  • fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator
  • DSC
  • BC1
  • ABG

So is it a GP? No. It’s a GP Roadster. Just like every other GP Roadster. 

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