The GP arrived Saturday morning.

Normally, these salvage cars get forklifted onto a hauler, and forklifted off at the destination. Not so awesome, when there’s all kinds of skirts and underbody panels you want to save. I was expecting that, but not looking forward to it.

Instead, this arrived.

All alone in this big trailer.

I ask Angelo, the driver, “Did you have any other cars to drop down here, or just this one?”

Angelo: “I dropped a brand new 2015 Ferrari in Maryland on the way down. This is the first wrecked car I’ve ever carried.”

Fitting treatment, for GP0769’s last journey.

Rolled him into what will be, sadly, his mortuary.

Not pleasant work, but what must be done. I had a somewhat sad, but very productive weekend. I’ll post details of that later.

For now, let’s just remember GP0769, as the great car he once was. And will be again, in a new skin.

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