Brakes or an anchor?

Had the big Tar Heel MINI club mod party at my house yesterday. We had a great time modding other folks’ cars – but (as expected) I had no time to do mine – which frankly was JUST FINE with me – I kinda like doing my thing in relative peace and quiet. 🙂

So today I installed my stainless brake lines, brass caliper bushings and ATE SuperBlue fluid. Took a little while to figure out the first brake line – the upper connection was non-obvious to me – and I had to learn to use my new PowerBleeder, but otherwise went without a hitch.

The whole install was pretty easy, and I like the results. Under normal “easy” braking there isn’t much difference in pedal feel or performance. But under hard braking, it’s like you threw out an anchor compared to the stock brakes. Much less “mushy” than the stock lines and rubber bushings. Nice.

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