A virgin no more…

I’m reclining in my “deluxe” room in the Robbinsville Microtel, basking in the afterglow of my first Dragon slaying. Ahhhhh.

I had a meeting in Asheville this afternoon. The weather was perfect. I had time. So I scooted over here for a quickie… Wow, what a road… it’s everything your buddy (or older brother) described it to be… and more… DOING it is way, way better than hearing about it – or looking at pictures of other people doing it… though I’m not quite sure I did it the right way, because I’m a little sore…by the time I was halfway back down, I was getting a little queezy… kinda like realizing during the second round that, even though your best friend’s mom is hot and cooperative, your buddy is BOUND to find out, sooner or later…

And boy, does my right elbow hurt… us old guys should do special exercises before and take some dramamine before submitting to the Dragon… or risk Dragon elbow and motion sickness… Getting old bites the big one…

I actually feel like I kinda “sowed my wild oats” so to speak, and got it out of my system. I pushed it – pretty hard – on the way up. I’m glad I didn’t do that with my family in the car… I think I can drive it much easier, more calmly, more smoothly and a little more slowly now that my masculinity doesn’t have to be proven… thank goodness for DSC… I don’t want to make a habit of relying on it to save my butt… but I’m glad it was there today…

The obligatory “been there, done that” photo:


And, just in case you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about… here’s what 11 miles and 318 curves of bliss looks like from space…
Dragon Sat


  1. Dude – I never thought….. I mean after all these years. You have a sickness you know. Have you seen your wife and kids lately?

    I bet you own a box of diapers now too, and an old soft toothbrush – Hmmm?


    Cheers. – R

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