Passport G-Timer GT2

One of my friends – another car fanatic and gizmo junky – pointed me toward the Escort Passport G-Timer. It’s an accelerometer that can measure cornering G’s, 0-60 and quarter mile times, braking, even HORSEPOWER with nothing but a power connection (gee whiz!). They make two models: the “basic” GT1 model, and the GT2 with quite a few additional features. Seems like a really cool “toy” – but $180 isn’t exactly “toy” pricing. There are much more sophisticated units available in that price range. Then I found a GREAT deal on Amazon – $54! I couldn’t pull out my credit card fast enough…


This thing is a BLAST. Setup is pretty easy – you suction cup mount it to the center of your windshield, and plug it in. If you want accurate horsepower readings, you need to do a bit more setup and enter vehicle weight, coefficient of drag x frontal area, drivetrain loss factor, etc. And you can tweak some factors for suspension stiffness to fine-tune acceleration sensing. It has easy-to-use control buttons on the unit, and also has a “remote” button on the lighter plug that’s easier to reach for changing display modes and starting timing runs.

It has a ton of different display modes to watch G-force readings as you drive. You press the “Start” button to put it in “run timing” mode – it calibrates for a few seconds, then tells you it’s ready for the run. The timer starts automatically when you start your run, and measures until either you stop accelerating, you travel 1/4 mile, or you go 30 seconds. It stores up to 10 runs and remembers your best run data. After the run you can see many statistics about the run: 0-60, 1/4 mile time and speed, maximum horsepower, and other times. The horsepower reading (adjusted to BHP) seems pretty accurate based on my mods (I haven’t done a dyno test yet…). It has some limited data logging capabilities, and you can buy an optional data cable and computer software for downloading run data to your computer.

It’s like a drag-strip-in-a-box… very cool…

These have been out for a few years, and there are other similar units now that have more features (the G-Tech Pro is excellent, and offers “dyno-style” graphing and torque calculation), but the G-Timer GT2 is a “no-brainer” for about $50…


  1. Wondering if you still have the GT2 timer and if you have the sw that came with it. I still have my GT2, but no longer have the sw

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