10,000 miles

Wow – flipped 10,000 on Blimey today – in six and a half months. That may be more miles than I’ve EVER driven in six months. On my last car I was driving 12-15K per year for the last few years. And it’s not like we’re not driving the minivan, too – we just got back from a 1400 mile Florida round-trip on the van…

My job hasn’t changed. I still have a 20 mile round-trip commute – just like the last 7 years. But it’s funny how the MINI has me looking for excuses to drive – both around town and on business. Fly to Atlanta? Nah, that’s something I used to do BEFORE the MINI. Now I drive if I can work the timing. Drive all the way across the state for a sales call? YOU BET! Can I come back next week? And how far are you from Fontana? Oh, no reason… just curious…
And I only take the interstate if I have to get somewhere FAST. Otherwise, I take the country roads, find a few twisties, and get there almost as fast…

Wow – I think I’m turning into a DRIVER….

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  1. Congrats! I turned 10,000 on the way back from the dragon. We picked up our MINI Cooper S JCW on September 22nd 06 and all for about one month due to very salty roads it’s been driven! I know exactly how you feel!
    Mr. Jim

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