Someone on NAM today posted that MINIs have crappy cupholders because they’re built to drive on the Autobahn, where rational drivers would never even consider eating/drinking while driving.

Another person posted that “real” driving enthusiasts would NEVER EVEN CONSIDER eating or drinking in their car and – I’m so impressed – THEY never have and never will.

I drive on the autobahn precisely – zero.

And when I’m driving “enthusiastically” I absolutely use both hands.

But when I’m forced by the US speed nannies to drive 70ish on a road that in Europe would have no speed limit, I think that – and 30 years of driving experience – leaves me enough margin of error to sip my Triple Venti Sugar Free Mocha Breve’ occasionally – or even eat a breakfast burrito.

I have two MiniFini cupholders and love’m.

They actually get more use HAULING gigantic iced tea cups from my drive-thru du jour back to my office when I typically eat at my desk…

But frequent multi-hundred-mile business drives, two jobs, and a family sometimes force me to find ways to use my time most efficiently. And – gasp – I’ve found that I can drive and eat at the same time… hasn’t caused an accident in 30 years…

Oh yeah – having an AUTOMAGIC TRANSMISSION helps too.

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  1. Sorry dude, just recently found your blog. In response to this I just have to say that, I lived in Germany for 11 years, the last 5 of which my daily commute was 120+ to work and back. I took (and drank) a cup of coffee in a travel mug EVERY day and never had a problem. The only issue I have with the MINI cup holders is that they’re a bit too large for your average tumbler.

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